Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Food deals

I was at King Soopers, a Kroger store, and they had Santa Cruz organic lemonade on sale for 10/$10.00.  Boy did we stock up on that.  It is good stuff. 

I really recommend keeping an eye on Kroger stores and look for their 10/$10.00 deals.  We saved $30 on pineapples last month (regularly they are $3.99, and they went on sale for 10/$10.00), $30 on blueberries, and $60 on that juice (It is normally around $2.99 a bottle, and we bought 30 bottles).  These are foods or drinks that we can use (well, Trenton cannot have the juice because he is allergic to lemons).  We spent $70 on what would have cost nearly $200.  And once we made the pineapple into preserves, the saving stacked up even higher.

Certain organic apples were $1 per lb earlier this month there.  I think they were Cameos and Braeburns.  I have also caught Annie's organic mac n cheese (for my child NOT on the gfcf diet) on sale for 10/$10.00. 

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